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The PSi Matrix GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-performance  matrix printer and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The PSi  dot matrix printers are designed for extremely high loads even in rough  environments. The most important customers of PSi Matrix Printers  include renowned companies of industry, logistics, trade, banking and  service sectors. Matrix printing is a printing technology that  simultaneously prints multi copies by highest speed  at a lowest cost  per page.

PP 3034

PP 3034 oggi anche per la stampa assegni con caratteri MICR      

The PP 3034 is the ideal fanfold laser printer in  applications where only limited floor space is available. Based upon a  mature, compact print engine and equipped with the proven high  performance control unit, the PP 3034 fulfills these requirements and  therefore excellently extends  the  PSi  laser  printer  family.   Optionally,  a  paper  stacker can be attached to the PP 3034, derived  from the well-known „iPS“ design of the PSi laser printers which stacks  up to 2.000 pages without operator involvement.

PP 4050XP

The PP 4050XP is the ideal fanfold laser printer for complex data streams.
The high performance Controller of the PP  4050XP can process even the most complex data streams such as huge  graphics, documents filled with barcodes or other variable data at full  engine speed of 34 ppm. Equipped with the successful printer engine of  the PP 4050, the PP 4050XP is a reliable solution for fanfold printing  in laser quality on various print media. The optional paper stacker iPS  4050 can stack up to 3,000 pages unattended.
PP 4060 / PP 4060MICR

The Fanfold Laser Printer PP 4060 allows cost-efficient  high-speed printing in a very userfriendly way. In Two-Up Mode the  printer performs up to 59 pages (A4) respectively 63 pages (letter) per  minute.
The PP 4060 printer is designed for a heavy  duty workload of 300,000 pages per month. Two independent tractor  cassettes, the intelligent Paper Stacker, and the integrated cutting  device provide the user with flexible paper management facilities.
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