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The PSi Matrix GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-performance  matrix printer and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The PSi  dot matrix printers are designed for extremely high loads even in rough  environments. The most important customers of PSi Matrix Printers  include renowned companies of industry, logistics, trade, banking and  service sectors. Matrix printing is a printing technology that  simultaneously prints multi copies by highest speed  at a lowest cost  per page.
PSi PP 405

The multi-purpose printer PP 405 with  high flexibility in paper handling, allowing to run several different  applications on one printer.
Five paper inputs and three paper  outputs are supporting fanfold paper, single sheets, and heavy  multi-part formsets at a print speed of 600 cps (characters per second)  and a throughput of 500 pages per hour. The PP 405 is one of the  user-friendliest and quietest matrix printers available.
The multifunctional 24-pin  high-performance printer PP 405 in flatbed technology which offers an  extremely flexible paper handling and the variety of modular  exchangeable interfaces (Personality Module) that enable integration  into different system and network environments. It can be equipped with  up to three ASF cassettes, a single-sheet feeder and continuous paper  feed. Because of its low noise level makes it suitable for both office  and industrial environments. Its robust print engine and an optimized  longevity housing guarantee for extreme reliability in professional  printing applications with typical print volumes of up to 20,000 pages  per month.

PSi PP 806

With its suprior features the PP  806 rypifies the today´s state of the art matrix printer design. The  rugged metal design, the paper run control and the ribbon run control  guarantee reliable unattended printing
The PP 806 is the professional solution  for heavy duty, flexible, cost-efficient printing. This multi-purpose  printer can take advantage of up to 6 different paper inputs for fanfold  and cut sheet paper. : Two removable tractor cassettes for fanfold  paper, one manual front insertion for cut sheets and three optional  sheet feeders for flexible printing. With ist proven connectivity  concept (PSi Personality Modules) the PP 806 is prepared for any network  environment.
With its new engine kernel design the  PP 806 stands out by ultra precise registration on every page. The high  print speed of up to 700 cps and a throughput of up to 580 pages/hour  fulfil also professional requirements. The cost per page of the PP 806  is one of the lowest in its class.
PSi PP 809

The PP 809 is one of the fastest  dot matrix printers in the world. With a throughput of 800 pages per  hour and a performance of 500 lpm (lines per minute) the PP 809 combines  the performance of a line printer with the flexibility of a matrix  printer.
Two accessible tractor cassettes offer  high flexibility for the print production. The precise print  registration allows to print also on multi-part form sets with high  speed and accuracy. The rugged design and the Intellidrive™ Technology  guarantee reliable unattended printing and a workload of up to 40,000  pages per month.
The extensive program of interfaces (PSi Personality Modules) provides for integration into major host and network environments.

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